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Bogomil Shopov - Бого
Bogomil Shopov - Бого

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GeeCon 2023 Prague and the JV/Me.

I was having my beer after a hard day working on our privacy-related product when I saw some info on one of the social media that Geecon will be coming to Prague again this year.


That brought back tons of memories from my past. My first Geecon was in the early 2010s in Krakow when I was part of the crew booth with ZeroTurnaround.

I didn't have time to attend any talks because I needed to collect marketing leads. Blah!

I also enjoyed talking to my old good friend Josette Garcia from O'Reilly, whom I had known long before Geecon. What a great surprise it was to see her there as well.

The city was also excellent.


Then, my mind brought me to 2014 when I connected Adrian Nowak, the main organizer, with some local folks, companies, and user groups for the first-ever Geecon in Prague.

He made it possible for @bruceeckel to meet my teams at Infor (at this point), which was a blast! Yes, we talked about #kotlin :)


I contacted the team after the CfP was closed to check if I could present my talk about fun at work. I was surprised by the positive answer.

I am in Cerny most for the event a few weeks after that. I was positively surprised by the professionalism of the crew. I am visiting Geecon as an attendee/speaker for the first time, and the experience was smooth.

Start with the coffee and munchies to the entire room for speakers and the super-luxury main conference room. Geecon is the first event where the talks finish on time. :)

A big screen shows the geecon logo

I met a lot of peers and friends with whom I lost track of through the years.

I was last active in the JVM space some 7-8 years ago, and listening to all the improvements and ideas was excellent and educational.

I talked about life with awesome people like @guyroyse, @jonathanvila, Rustam Mehmandarov, and many others who accepted into their company a person (me) who is not in the JVM universe anymore.

part of the Geecon speakers dinner. Author Jonathan Villa

If you are looking for reasons to visit or to contribute to Geecon next time, take my word - you will not regret it!

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Bogomil Shopov - Бого

And yes, the badge spells "Fun", not FU :)

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Bogomil Shopov - Бого

Were you there? What is your feedback?