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Reason React + Tailwind starter with Create Reason React APP (CRRA)

Bodhish Thomas
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Quick Start

create-reason-react-tailwind is an easy way to get started with boilerplate reason react templates.

  1. Install **crra**

    npx create-reason-react-tailwind

2. Choose a template

You can choose the template from the template selector
3. Add a project name

after selecting the template, you will be asked to add a project name

add your project name and hit enter

4. Your create reason react app is ready 😃

cd my-app

You will get a pre-configured reason react template with parcel, postcss and tailwind. The bare minimum for creating a reason react project.

Folder structure

Github Repo

5. Install dependencies

npm install
npm run dev

You will be able to see the project running at localhost:1234

expected output

You may have to change the package-name if you plan to publish the repositoy (optional)

GitHub logo bodhish / create-reason-react-tailwind

Create Reason React App - A simple boilerplate generator for tailwind styled reason react project

npm version

Create Reason React App

Reason react boilerplate generator

Quick Start

npx create-reason-react-tailwind

What project template would you like to generate? (choose the template)


Project Name - Add the project name


| crra will create a new folder with the template project.

cd my-app

Follow the instructions in


Add create reason react app globally

npm i -g create-reason-react-tailwind

Deploy your CRR

Auto Deploy reason-react projects on Netlify

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