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When starting 2 apps at the same time makes sense.

Am I crazy? I hope not. Time will tell.

So I thought it was time to come clean and admit it: I'm building 2 different SaaS apps at the same time. As a Solopreneur/Developer, workforce of 1 person and 2 cats, it sounds crazy to try and build 2 different apps and get them both to market, but the right toolchain and the right approach can I hope make this work.

So far, working on two apps at the same time has resulted in less stress, more ideas, and better code.

The problem with building one app is it both takes over you life and can become incredibly stressful. Developers tend to hyper-focus on the problem at hand, yet taking a break and working on something else can unlock your creative powers when you most need them.

So by working on two apps at the same time I hope to avoid burnout and fatigue and launch 2 solid apps.

Neither app would be possible without the headstart provided by Jumpstart Pro. This awesome paid environment makes building a production-ready Rails app a snap.

The first app is FreelancerCashFlow . Having been a freelancer for most of my life, I've experienced the financial pain, limitations and headaches of Freelancer Feast or Famine. There has to be a better way: managing by cashflow is that way. But first you have to see your cashflow before you can start experimenting by shifting payment dates, savings toward specific purposes and seeing your financial future alternatives.


The second app is FreelancerContacts, a referral marketing system for all kinds of freelancers. Certain industries, like real estate agents, have had this down to a science for years: how to ask past and current clients for referrals. Done right, and you go from chasing every posted contract to actually having a waiting list of people who want your services. Since developers hate marketing, building a solid referral system makes sense.

While development of both apps is moving along, I've bought into the Validate Your Idea concept and only have a simple landing page up to gauge interest. I figure if you're willing to provide your email, you're a potential customer.

Anyway, I think the 2 App approach has merit - what do you think?

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