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Website feedback needed

bobbyiliev profile image Bobby Iliev Updated on ・1 min read

Hello everyone ❤️

A week or so ago we released a newly redesigned version of the DevDojo website.

We used the following technologies:

  • Laravel
  • VueJS
  • Tailwind CSS

Deployed: DigitalOcean

Link: https://devdojo.com/

As we just released the redesigned version of the site, we are looking for feedback on what we can improve/add to make it better.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated 🙌



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I didn't spend a lot of time but there's one thing that doesn't really work:

There is a "footer" section with links at the bottom of the site, but on the home page you can't really see it because of the infinitely scrolling list of articles - as soon as I drag the scrollbar to the bottom then I can see it for a split second, but right away it disappears (being pushed down again).

On this page you can see the footer (because there's no long list of content): devdojo.com/more

As for the contents, all great but I'd like to see a page added which explains about the team and the "story" behind the site. I mean you've gone to great lengths to build all this and then I can't see who's behind this great stuff! (maybe as part of an 'FAQ' section)

For the rest, a great and smooth looking site!


Hi there @leob ,

Thank you so much for taking the time to go through the site and for putting this comment together!

This is highly appreciated! 🙌


Hi, nice website! One thing that might be useful is "Back to top" button. When someone scrolled down, then there is no way to easily scroll back to top.
Here is link to image that shows that feature: codyhouse.co/assets/img/gems/hero/...


That's a good point! Thanks a lot Andriy! 🙌


Great job! I love how the colors blend together!


Thanks for the kind words! Appreciate that!


Nice job, lot's of white space, subtle colors, works on Samsung Galaxy Star.


Thanks John! 🙌


Any tips would be great in a new article. I love reading how you CSS wonder people get it done. Thanks Bobby!


Design is great! I love the fact that DevDojo community is more focused on PHP development, while DEV is more towards NodeJS. Just signing up... ;)


Awesome! Thank you ✌🏽


I do really like the navigation I don't tend to see many like that, super cool


Thanks! Happy to hear that you like it! 🙌


Check the page accessibility with an automated tool (like Wave) and also manually. There are many a11y issues:

  • Insufficient contrast between text and background.
  • Missing alternative text for images.
  • Missing jump to content link.
  • Many elements are not accessible with keyboard (mainly the menu!).
  • Invalid HTML structures (e.g. you have anchors inside of anchors)...

That's a really cool tool! Thanks a lot for sharing it Alvaro! 🙌


One of the cleanest designs I've seen lately :)
And that's a nice stack as well <3


Great! Thank you ✌🏽


Seems nice, but would be nice to see actually the footer especially if there is any important link or information on it.
The other thing, mobile view and landscape on S9+ vs sidebar. The rendering and the smoothness still very good, but after 2-3-4 scroll, feel very empty the right side since the sidebar was waaaaaaay shorter than the actual content. Maybe worth to put the sidebar somewhere else on small display size. (Just opinion).

The colors, text nice, but miss the dark mode :)


That's a good point! Thank you for the feedback! 🙌


Hey Bobby, looking neat! I love the 'Popular Topics' section. I also love how you made use of the huge content it has and put in one place. One small remark - it would be great if I could have the option of adding 'Favorite Topics' block somewhere. This way I can filter my homepage to meet my interests better. Anyway, love it. Keep it up!


Thanks a lot for taking the time to check out the Denislav!

I like your idea, sounds like it would be super useful! Thanks for sharing it!


Thank you!


It was glaring at first sight but still I had to be sure.

Devdojo accessibility check with WAVE


Oh, that's a really cool tool! Thanks for sharing that!


I would personally have some contrast between the main content such as blog posts in the middle of the main page and the rest elements of the main page as well as between footer & header and the main body . Having the first glance at the website, my eyes just randomly wander around.

For each blog post, I would move the writer information underneath the summary of the post (inside a single div). Having the writer information above or below the blog post summary can confuse the audience as to who wrote which post.

I would also make contents such as "Weekly top users" and "popular topics" on the sidebar to scroll along with the page (apply position: fixed) so that I can quickly navigate from the main page (because you will end up with a long list of blog posts dangling vertically). It can also be distracting. So, I would experiment with layouts; having blog posts on one side and rest on the other side.

Speaking of "popular topics", I'm interested in knowing the order of popularity or ranking of topics, how many posts have been posted under which topic? so that I can see the user census of your website - does this website have web developers mostly? It's totally up to you how you strategize to attract potential users.

Lastly, for each blog post with code snippets, I would rearrange contents and code snippets to be side-by-side. This way, users can easily read and see code without having to scroll up and down to check the code frequently.

Overall, I love your slick design!


Hi Daniel, that's absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much for taking the time and writing this constructive feedback! Really appreciated!! 🙌


I'm glad it was useful to you!


Loaded really fast on my Mac, and looks real nice.
Some notes:

  • I didn't know the site before and could not find an About section
  • I tried to disable JS to reach the footer, and the page remains blank (this will hurt your SEO)
  • The top menu in Firefox has extra scroll bars when the window is kind of narrow (say 800px wide and below)

Looks epic, I get your choices, but did you consider using Vuex to manage state on your site(unless you already are using a state management tool). Since you're using Vue I thought Vuex might not be a bad idea. Can help with tracking user data flow. Especially if things go wrong, you might want to see where the errors occured.