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CLI Project Ideas?

Hi all, so I struggle with creativity issues and I've been sitting here starting at my screen trying to think of something that's somewhat beginner friendly, and a cli-application that I can make in Rust. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!

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My few rust cli apps were born from necessity: for example coupon code generator for my wife's small webshop (import png bgimage, generate codes, overlay them + exp date on the image and tile them to fit on an A4 page).

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Apologies for the late response. But thank you! Will attempt to make this!

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  1. File Finder like fzf
  2. Batch Renamer
  3. Social Media Link Fetcher using API
  4. News Fetcher using API
  5. Task Scheduler
  6. Chatbot
  7. Random Data Generator for Databases
  8. Random Nickname Generator
  9. Password Generator
  10. File Encrypt/Decrypt Tool
  11. File compressor
  12. HTML to PDF converter
  13. Markdown to PDF converter
  14. HTML to markdown converter
  15. Markdown to HTML Converter
  16. Image converter
  17. Database Management Tool ( TSQL)
  18. Database Management Tool ( NoSQL)
  19. Product Scraper ( Amazon, Ebay etc.)
  20. Web Crawler
  21. URL Shorthener
  22. QR code Generator
  23. URL Checker ( Existence )
  24. Email Sender ( from your CSV mail list )
  25. Code Snippet Generator ( Boilerplate Code maker )
  26. file uploader ( web services )
  27. file downloader ( youtube, instagram etc. )
  28. CLI File Manager
  29. Telegram Bot ( Fetch from multiple API Data and send to a Bot )
  30. Auth Manager
  31. Benchmark Tool ( A-B Testing or any other tests)
  32. Sentymental Analyzer
  33. TTS Engine ( Text To Speech )
  34. Discord Bot
  35. social media analytics ( Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook etc. )
  36. Analytics ( Best Articles, follow articles and links and collect them using API or Web Scraper )
  37. Medium Analytics ( follow best articles using scraper or Medium API )
  38. Hashnode Analytics
  39. Reddit Analytics
  40. CLI OSINT Tools ( Person,nickname, email, personal data reverse-engineering tools )
  41. Wifi Password Viewer
  42. Wifi Password Cracker ( Maybe this can be advanced * )
  43. Youtube Analytics ( Best videos or analize given url stats )
  44. Text to CSV Converter for Flashcards (NLP tool which converts a given text to csv which fits for Anki)
  45. Text Summarizer ( using Chatgpt summarize a text and save as a txt file into your cwd )
  46. Algo-Trader ( connects to binance or any other stock markets and buys and sells the stocks with given algorithms )
  47. Product or Service Price Collector and Comparison Tool ( Ticket Price, Product Price, Rent Price etc. )
  48. Resume Builder
  49. Template Builder ( Template code builder for a specific topic or website such as Wordpress, Blogger etc. )
  50. Color Palette Generator ( Generates a color palette from TOML, YAML, CSV files for any suitable program or website - Tmux, ZSH, Bash, Neovim etc.)

So on...

Create a mind map like this an work your ... :

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