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Facebook data leaks again?! How BitCherry could really solve the data leak problem?

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Facebook is no stranger to data breaches and leaks, having been the victim of many high-profile security breaches in recent years. For example, the social media giant announced in 2018 that it had unwittingly leaked the sensitive information of more than 50 million people due to a minor flaw in its platform code, allowing miscreants to obtain access to its users' accounts.

Similarly, in 2020, the Mark Zuckerberg-led company was engulfed in yet another huge crisis when it was revealed that thousands of developers had been able to manipulate data from inactive platform users, enraged many people around the world.

Still, in 2021, the tech giant has been struck by a new round of data leaks; but, this time, the number of users whose records were leaked was not 50 million, but a mind-boggling 500 million. On April 3, Alon Gal, chief technical officer of security firm Hudson Rock, announced that confidential personal information for over 500,000 Facebook users had been posted on a prominent hacking website.

To be more precise, the data include the phone numbers, full names, locations, birthdates, bios, and, in some cases, email addresses of over 553 million users spread across 100 countries. Not just that, but it seems that 32 million of the above-mentioned users are from the United States, while 11 million are from the United Kingdom.

Eventually, the data that is now circulating online has the potential to endanger the savings of millions of digital currency traders and holders, who may now be vulnerable to SIM swapping and other identity-based attacks that have occurred in recent years.

How BitCherry could solve the data leak problem?

BitCherry constructs the network protocol of P2Plus in the physical layer through the technology of IPv8. The P2Plus network protocol adopts the point-to-point high-strength private key encryption technology. Only the receiving node can decrypt the transmission content after encryption, which ensures the confidentiality of the transmission content and the privacy of the node. The operation of the whole node is attached to the structure of hashgraph, which can ensure the decentralization without heavy workload proof. At the same time, it can realize the point-to-point encryption of information and ensure the privacy and security of user data in the interaction process.

Also based on aBFT consensus algorithm, BitCherry’s nodes are attached on HashGraph, introduce the expansion mechanism as lateral and longitudinal side chain is in the underlying architecture design, which makes it possible to obtain the computational resources and any extension service processing capabilities are scalable across processor cores and networks. The consensus nodes of the entire network can be expanded to more than 100K, and the nodes participating in the consensus of each transaction can be controlled within a few hundred. While ensuring high efficiency and stability, it also ensures decentralization, TPS will be over 100,000.

In addition, it will also run with more or less underlying IP network layer and the data link layer, which means that BitCherry can achieve private high-speed P2P communication between any two devices worldwide, cross-network, firewall, network wall. And in its application layer, BitCherry can achieve decentralized Domain Name Service DNS +, decentralized Web services HTTP + and other decentralized application services. The use of point to point encrypted communications and signature authorization mechanisms, P2P + agreement could prevent DNS attacks, DDOS attacks, and more effectively ensure node privacy and security.

In conclusion, BitCherry will break the shackles of practical business application for the purpose of highly integrated Internet experience and for the evolution of information technology. It will also carry out integrated innovation of technology from the blockchain systems engineering point of view. Because of that, BitCherry let me see a promising future of a secure internet world.

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