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How to get a good grade point average?

To get a great, good, decent (not bad) grade point average -

  • study before the exam.

As simple as it sounds, very difficult to follow when you are a college student.

I always had a very good GPA in college but not because I spent hours studying in the library or because I stayed up late at nights during exams.

It was all because I went to the lectures and gave the quizzes. Again sounds simple, but does seem boring compared to all the other things you could be doing.

But what it does is it stores information in your brain and everytime you encounter the information again it keeps reinforcing that knowledge.

Think of it as solving a board puzzle. It would undoubtedly take most people more time to solve it in the first go than it would take someone who has seen the puzzle before or has even solved some part of it earlier.

Knowledge compounds over time.

Thanks for reading!

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