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Hackintosh(Big Sur 11.5) not loading Android Emulator

I finally got courage to go on ropes with OpenCore from Clover and update my hackintosh desktop to BigSur 11.5 . It was a smoother experience compared to doing updates for my poor old Dell laptop. Installed XCode and Android Studio for mobile development stuff, and put some other apps.

It all seemed to work fine until I finally tried installing and running an android emulator, for which it only gets stucked and not really launching anything. Looking around for answers, I saw some relative problems and solutions involving Big Sur and android emulator. I tried them all , from updating entitlements for qemu-system-x86_64 , deleting emulator lock files, install/reinstall Emulator from SDK, launching emulator on terminal, etc. But none seemed to work, thats when I finally realized back that its a hackintosh.

So booted up to BIOS, looked over at the Virtualization support and enabled it, then boom! Android Emulator finally shows up.
Turning off virtualization is a recommended thing when installing a fresh Hackintosh, but it can then be enabled afterwards.

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Are you using an Intel processor?