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Roberto Hernandez
Roberto Hernandez

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You will Grow Even More as You let and Help all Around You to Grow

Before being developers, managers, designers and so on we are just human beings!

Originally published on Medium

2019 is coming to an end, and as a tradition, at the end of the year, in a lot of companies worldwide celebrate the Christmas party. And of course at my current company that is not an exception. For us as employees and developers, this day is special. Why? Let me explain it in the next lines.

Life and work is not just code, but also relationships, emotions, and memories! — Blarz

So, the first reason why this moment is so special is that we have time to spend it as a family, and of course, we are. Also, we need to drink, talk, eat and laugh as crazy after some beers or simply enjoy that moment as a whole.

Secondly, from my point of view, the idea is to be thankful and celebrate the hard work and achievements we accomplished as well as the challenges we faced together. And of course, being open and embrace for the new ones for the incoming year.

What had the special this Christmas party?

You probably asked you that question when you started off to read this post. The answer is: remarkable and outstanding speech’s parts given by the co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at this party made me think over.
So I thought! why not share these uncommon ways coming from the highest line of management to inspire and encourage us as employees, to discover ourselves and pursue our dreams?

Think and Dream Big

The sky is not your limit, it is just part of the beginning! — Blarz

Some pieces of his speech were doing an emphasis on the fact we shouldn’t be afraid to think and dream big. He encouraged us to find out our dreams as they did when they started this amazing tech-startup, now with more than 150 talented developers.

Most people will say you that is something crazy to be real and achievable, highlighted, Darwin. The genuine and sincere speech was powerful and I dare to say that put to dream more than one of us.

Probably, in a larger or traditional company’s culture, this might sound weird because who is giving the advice is one of the co-founders, your boss. It might seem rare because they need to retain your talent, your abilities and value you give to their company.

The startup’s culture came to change the game. This weird way to motive and encourage your employees probably happens due sometimes the founders came from the same situation you are experimenting with now as a developer, manager, UX, sales representative, etc. Most of them were born as an entrepreneur in another startup.

Inspirational Lesson from Google CEO story

The story behind Pichai Sundararajan, also known as Sundar Pichai was so motived and powerful. I didn't know it at the time. He is now an Indian American business executive, the chief executive officer of Alphabet Inc. and its subsidiary Google LLC, however, before his successful career, he had to face the poverty and other walls we are probably facing now.

After I heard this story it marked a before and after on how I see my life and career. Big goals are always achievable. I was surprised by listening to that story from our co-founder. I never imagined that someone leading a company as Google played against poverty or came from the medium class.
No matter your conditions, who you are, where you come from. Matter what you really want to achieve, matter what are your illusions.

No matter who you are now, Just be humble

Sometimes a little bit of or big success can go to our head up. Not all successful people are humble after they achieve it. Some of them lost the reason why there are at that point. I know some of them. No matter where you are now, matter where you came from, matter the principles that were allowed you to be where you are not. Don't forget them!

Probably you are one of the better in your area or field, but you don’t necessarily need to brag of it. When you are humble you must be willing to always be a fill half-cup to get more knowledge, to accept more feedback, to work better in a group o team and of course multiple your value and help for others.

Encourage us as employees to discover ourselves

Clients dont come first, employees come first..if you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients — Richard Branson

Another remarkable piece of his speech was to encourage us to discover ourselves and find our passion and follow our dreams. This made feel more passionate about the company’s culture and its vision in the next years.

Nowadays, it really normal that most of us have bigger dreams. At some point in our career for one or another reason, we will chase and start to work in our life/career dream. So, after I heard that message made even more sense for me and implicitly pushed and encourage me to do my best at work and also in my personal life.

Believe in yourself and create your own story

All of us have one or more talents. Believe it or not, we are in this world to give something special to others. Fears are killing us, let’s get throw them away. He was emphatic on the fact we must believe in ourselves without thinking about how big or mind-blowing might seem.

The difference between successful people and not is that the first ones are able to discover themselves their talents, their passion and later put all effort and energy on them and later expose them out there. There’s no other way around!.

You grow when you let and help others to grow

“No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it.” — Andrew Carnegie

This point is for me one of the most outstanding of them all listed in the post. No matter if you inspire or help just one guy around you or on the other side of the world. If you let and help him/her growing, you saved your day!
This world will be even better when you have an authentic and genuine feeling to help others to grow. It really doesn't matter the kind of help or where you are helping.

Final Thoughts

Think big and work on your craft to get your success on your own terms. Don’t wait until the beginning of 2020 to start on it. Get started out today. Become a better developer, UX designer, manager, friend, dad, and finally, keep in mind this.

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