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How I defeated Tiredness and Stress

I am a programmer, so as a programmer is normal that we go to bed late doing those kinds of stuff that we love such as coding, playing video games, googling looking for solutions on Stackoverflow, opinions, approaches, helping others on the different software communities we are part of. Whether we have a full-time job, self-taught or we are college students, we usually give an extra mile because this field — technology- works in that way, if you don’t practice enough you will not able to develop the required dev skill the industry is requesting you. All of that effort has a huge impact in our mind and body, as result, we end up with tiredness and stress, so that, my purpose here is to show you how I defeated tiredness and stress doing different things in my daily routine.

But first, I would like to tell you a usual weekday in my life, my journey starts at 5:30 am, no matter what time I went to bed last night, is my own rule, the first thing I do is being grateful for what already have. my family, my job, my career, my eyes open, the breathing, etc, that makes me feel great and ready to go and achieve my daily goals, when my mind is ready for the next challenge, I put my shoes to run for 30 minutes, let me tell you, this is the most powerful morning stuff that I have found during my last 5 years to defeat tiredness and stress, after run while I am having my breakfast I am usually listening to some inspirational videos from people like Simon Sinek, Tom Bilyeu, Mel Robbins, and then I am prepared mentally and physically to got to work and do my best there, my work journey is 9 hours, after that I have to struggle with the traffic where I spend 1 hour and a half, I come home around 8:30 pm, I cook my dinner and rest around 30 minutes, at 9:00 I am ready to work on my personal projects until 12 am, so this is exhausting, but I defeat it with my morning routine. Everything I do have I purpose, I am no following my dreams I am creating them.

Next, I share to you the main keys how I defeated the tiredness caused by our long coding journey, but obviously, it could be applied to other fields which you are part of.

Being grateful

“Gratitude is contagious — Benjamin Hardy”

How often do you pause to appreciate what you have in life? No matter if the things are we taken for granted that we most deserve. We should do it every morning!

One of my morning ritual I do right after waking up is to be grateful for all things I have, my family, my wife, my son, my job, my career, my life itself, the breathing, my friends, sense of sight, etc. Some scientific researches have proven several benefits of being grateful. Gratitude is a new way to gain more relationships, say thanks all the time is not only as a good manner, actually, but it could also lead you to new opportunities. Also based on researches grateful people experience fewer aches and pains it makes sense because your mind and body are healthy.

I spend some minutes every single morning to be grateful for everything that comes to me. I writing down what I am thankful or I say it out loud. That makes me feel great and raise me up to tackle the day-to-day struggle in a better way. I know there are bad times in our lives, but even on it, we should be thankful for all the good we do have, I am thankful for the hardships because require me continuously overcome challenges and building a powerful mindset.

Every single day I say to everyone at my current job, the better day is TODAY and the better time is NOW because I am thankful for living.

Apply the 5-seconds rule

All of us struggle with the alarm every morning, isn’t? so before we are grateful we need to overcome our biggest problem in the morning — Getting up!. The 5-second rule basically states you need to push yourself out of your head into action by counting 5–4–3–2–1 and immediately take to action toward a goal, our goal here is overcome the struggle when the alarm would go off and as all of us have experimented all our intentions couldn’t pull us out of bed.

To show you a success case Tim Denning shows us on a Medium post how this rule changed his life.
I have applied this rule in different areas of my life, when an idea comes up to write a new post, I just take action and get started to write the idea down or on my blog draft, furthermore, when I recognize I am wasting my time in a social network platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram just scrolling down and up without getting any value to my personal or professional growth I remember the rule and immediately close the tabs related to and try to refocus in what really matters so now I can tell you that after some months it turns into a habit automatically, that’s the power of it.

Keep Moving

“Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live in” — Jim Rhon

For all of us is known that exercise strengthens our cardiovascular system, enhances our blood circulation, among other benefits. I personally have found one of the powerful things it works for me to defeat tiredness is just workout in the morning either just walking or running it does not matter, the key is that you are keeping moving to benefit your body and mind. Personally, this routine has had helped me to face my day with a positive mindset, it represents great energy to go beyond my physical forces to do anything without to look for willpower.

I usually go to bed late doing personal projects, writing or reading, at the end of that I am exhausted and the only thing I want to do is just to rest, this rest means sleep for 4 or 5 hours and then wake up again. After few years waking up early and running in the morning I realized that this is the best ever remedy to feel powerful even though after the exhausted prior day and also it represents the force to commit with my daily goals which in turn allow me to keep my eyes open and see how my day is going to go.

Do things you usually don’t.

Most of us are scared to do things differently, get out of our comfort zone scared us, this is because no one wants to be criticized and judged but this point does not necessarily mean to it. What I want to say is do simple changes in your life, do things you usually don’t, for example when I am walking I stop for a while to greet and have a short conversation with a security man, it has helped me to listen to others, at that moment I don’t know if he/she has any problems I just want to greet and ask them how their day is going and based on their faces I think they feel good as well.

The above is just a simple example of what I did not do before started my morning routine, I have experimented the power and changes doing that kind of things, as someone once said if you want to feel good and happy make others feel happy, it’s contagious. Starting with this will help you to discover new things about yourself and others.

Share those moments

Finally, the last one but not the least, sometimes and some things are great to share with our communities, friends, family and even with strangers. When you share those moments you are developing closer relationships with your loved ones. A simple image of your morning routine can impact others meaningfully, it could make someone else feel better after seeing it, actually, you don’t know what will happen on the other side, but I am completely sure, it will be good for at least one of your friends, colleagues or a family. I usually say “You don’t know it until you do”

Thanks for reading! If this story turned you out interesting, I’d really appreciate it if you like and share it with your friends. I hope to add a little bit more knowledge to you. Don’t forget to follow me on Linkedin and as well.

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