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Amit Kumar Rout
Amit Kumar Rout

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Created My First npx Package: "create-sra"


I am excited to introduce my first npx package, create-sra!This package was born out of a desire to streamline the process of creating Single-Page React Applications (SRAs) quickly and efficiently. You can find the package on npm here.SRA means "SUPER-REACT-APP"


As a frontend developer, my go-to tools are React, often used with Create-React-App or NextJS. However, building projects with Create-React-App can be a slow process, and it sometimes introduces vulnerabilities. Recognizing these pain points, I identified an opportunity to simplify this process by crafting a tool that automates the initial setup, including webpack configuration. This not only saves time and effort but also grants users greater flexibility.

Package Overview

create-sra is a command-line tool that swiftly generates a basic Single-Page React Application, powered by webpack, with just a few straightforward commands. It establishes the essential files and folder structure based on the user's preferences, allowing you to dive straight into crafting your application logic.


  • To use create-sra just open terminal and type
npx create-sra
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  • This will create a new directory and all the necessary files and dependencies to kickstart your project.

Key Features

-Quick Setup: create-sra establishes a basic SRA with a default configuration, allowing you to start coding right away.
-Built-in Development Server: The package includes a development server, enabling you to see your changes in real-time as you code.
-Clean React Project: No unnecessary packages are installed by default.
-No Vulnerabilities: There are no package vulnerabilities.
-CSS Framework Support: You can easily download various CSS frameworks.
-Superfast: Quickly create, install, and set up folders.


Creating create-sra has been an incredibly rewarding journey. It's gratifying to know that this package has the potential to save developers a significant amount of time and effort in setting up new React projects.
I encourage you to give create-sra a try and let me know your thoughts. Your feedback is invaluable and will play a crucial role in the package's ongoing development.

Feel free to comment below with any questions, suggestions, or feedback.

Happy Coding

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Ben Halpern

Congrats and happy coding!

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Amit Kumar Rout