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Discussion on: Why You Should Not Learn React, Angular or Vue as a Beginner in Front-End Web Development .

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So you're suggesting newbies to learn everything on your list before getting started on that <10 lines of code? To be honest, even with some of the knowledge in HTML, CSS and JS, modern web development still makes me feel sick. It is not as easy to understand as jQuery. My point is you eventually still need to overcome it. And you can keep googling anything you don't understand until you have a brief idea of what you are coding and what objectives you are trying to achieve when following tutorials. I think people may really lose passion in learning if they have to have "strong background" in the areas you highlight.

I agree that people still need to have full understanding in those areas but the order of learning doesn't really matter. The traditional way and the modern way of web development are so different. If you are interested in web development because of the new modern frameworks then learn them first. However, I won't say you shouldn't learn the basics, including something like jQuery first. Explore yourselves.

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Tom Pitt

I have started learning Vue with a basic knowledge of JS. Speaking with the lead developer at my place of work, he said exactly the same as you, learn Vue and then Google to find the missing bits of information where you want to know more in depth knowledge of the how's, what's and whys.

I have preferred this method of learning so much more. But each to their own

Everyone will struggle with imposter syndrome and will lose confidence in when they should start learning it.