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Discussion on: Classical CSS vs CSS in JavaScript

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Fabio Manganiello • Edited

Embedding CSS in Javascript makes a web app nearly unmaintainable on the long run. You start noticing it when you wonder where the hell that odd margin or background on an element came from, just to find out that it was set by some random script on a random created/mounted event. And what if you want to change the framework used by your frontend? If you keep JS and CSS separate, then it's easy to change the logic without breaking the style. Otherwise, be ready for crying.

A lot of issues in today's web development come from mixing templates, style and frontend logic all together. It took more than a decade to realize that mixing templates and backend code, like PHP or JSP would do, was a bad idea that led to unmaintainable and undebuggable code. It'll probably take the world one more decade to realize that mixing styles, logic and templates is an awfully bad idea for the exact same reasons: logic layer and presentation layer ought to ALWAYS be separate.

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