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re: Transcompiling from another language to JS is not competition (in my view), is like JS on mobile, low performance, missing features, headaches. A ...

I think the best thing for web dev, which would bring us web 3.0, would be for browsers to adopt an additional language natively, or at least to open the API for third parties to do it somehow.


I don't see any good reason to do that, really, but the downsides are immense. It will fragment the market and all the projects/teams.

Devs will jump from one to another like mobile devs do from iOS to Android.
Each library must be implemented twice, each developer must learn 2 languages and 2 x avg(frameworks) count.
Just see what happens now with Android (3-4 ways to make JS apps, Java, Kotlin, C++ and now Dart/Flutter). Multiply that with the web complexity (tools, APIs, frameworks, paradigms, nodeJS, ...).

So I hope not, the web is already a complex ecosystem, with 1 language.
All other industries jumped to JS, not viceversa. You can write neural networks and block chains in JS, browsers didn't adopted solidity or python.

I guess the API you are talking about is the WebAssembly, you can use any language, presuming you can compile it to the standard.

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