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WDS8 - Use of Quotes and Comments

Omkar Ajnadkar
Masters in Computer Science at The University of Texas at Dallas
Originally published at on ・2 min read

In the last article we learned following tags to enhance your HTML:

  • <b> and <strong> tags
  • <i> and <em> tags
  • <small>
  • <del>
  • <mark>
  • <ins>
  • <sup> and <sub> tags

Now let's move forward from styling and see some HTML elements so that we can write quotes in our documents comfortably.

HTML <q> tag for Short Quotations

This <q> tag defines a short quotation in HTML. This is mostly used for short inline quotations. Most of the browsers insert quotation marks(") before and after the content in quotation tags.

HTML <blockquote> tag for Large Quotations

This <blockquote> tag defines large quotations in HTML. Browsers usually indent the content inside <blockquote> tags.

HTML <abbr> for Abbreviations

HTML <abbr> tag defines an abbreviation. This tag requires one extra attribute called title. This attribute takes full form for that particular abbreviation as its value. The browser uses this full form as the tooltip when you hover over an abbreviation. It also helps browsers or search engines for useful information.

HTML <address> tag

Although it is not commonly used, It displays text inside it in italics and will add the line break before and after the content.

How to Write Comments in HTML

Comments are the great way for us(the coders) to know what we are doing in our code. This helps us to understand in later states to find how to improve our code. This comments will not be displayed in the browser, but they will help you while understanding course.

To write comment start your line with <!-- symbol(that is opening < followed by an exclamation mark and two dashes), write your comment and end with --> symbol (that is two dash followed by closing >).

That's all for this article.In the next part, we will learn about some new stuff in HTML. Comment on how you think this article is, what improvements should I do and for any doubts. Share with your friends and _ keep coding _.

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