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WDS7 - Futher style your HTML

Omkar Ajnadkar
Masters in Computer Science at The University of Texas at Dallas
Originally published at on ・3 min read

In the last article we learned:

  • HTML <pre> tag preformatted text
  • HTML style attribute with various properties for background color, text color, font, text size and alignment of text Now let's see some more tags which you can use to enhance your content in HTML.

HTML <b> and <strong> tags 

<b> tag defines bold text without any extra importance while <strong> tag defines strong text with added meaning of " importance". The visulal output of both tags will be exactly same, but special importance will be given where <strong> tag is used when the text is converted in audio by browser for text-to-speech conversion.

HTML <i> and <em> tags

<i> tag defines italic text without any extra importance while <em> tag defines emphasized with added meaning of "importance". Just like above case of <b> and <strong> tags, no visual difference will be in output. 

HTML <small> tag

In many cases, you just want smaller text but do not want to use any specific text size. At such times you can use <small> tag. It defines smaller text in HTML. 

HTML <mark> tag

It is used for purpose of highlighting or marking particular text.

HTML <del> tag

It is used for showing text with strikethrough i.e deleted text.

HTML <ins> tag

It is used for showing newly inserted text.

HTML <sub> and <sup> tags

This tags are highly useful for writing scientific information or formulas. <sub> tag is used to write subscripted text while <sup> is used to write superscripted text.

With the help of 8 tags learned today and 5 properties in style attribute which we covered in last article, you can easily style your documents. Although you need to use this styling only till you learn CSS which give your more flexible and complete control over styling your document. We are also going to learn various external CSS libraries which help to style more easily.

One more thing I want to ask all the readers today that please comment on this post about how you think Web Development Series (WDS) is going on. Is it little fast or may be slow... Your comments is only way to imporove the articles I post. 

One another thing:

Although I live in India and we recently passed bill for net neutrality, I know the issue about same which is going on in the USA. As many of readers to this WDS series are from the USA, I request you all to support net neutrality as it is one of our fundamental rights.

That's all for this article.In the next part, we will learn about how we can write quotes and comments easily in HTML with using some new tags comfortably. Comment on how you think this article is, what improvements should I do and for any doubts. Share with your friends and _ keep coding _.

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