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WDS5 - Inspect HTML and Other Tags

Omkar Ajnadkar
Masters in Computer Science at The University of Texas at Dallas
Originally published at on ・2 min read

In the last article we learned:

  • 3 Important HTML Rules
  • Nested and empty elements
  • HTML Attributes  Let's start today with some important points:

HTML Headings 

We have already seen HTML headings represented by tags <h1> to <h6> where <h1> is most important heading while <h6> is least important heading. Now I am mentioning some important points which you should follow when using HTML headings:

  • Search engines use the headings to index the structure and content of your web pages. This is important because you should always follow an order of heading tags. <h1> should be used for main heading, <h2> for less important subheadings and so on. In fact, it is commonly followed a system of using only one <h1> tag in the document to represent heading of your document and nowhere else.
  • Heading tags should only be used for headings and not for making text bigger or bold. Different tags are used for this operations and we will study them in coming posts.

HTML Horizontal Rule 

The horizontal rule element is used for displaying horizontal line on the webpage. It is used for representing break on the webpage. It is represented by the tag <hr >. 

Last but not the least

You must be wondering what HTML code is there behind beautiful websites you visit. So you can easily see the HTML behind any website. Just rigtclick on any website in your browser and you will find Inspect or Inspect Element or View source or View page source option. Click on it and you will see HTML of that website easily. You can HTML behind particular element by right-clicking that particular element. 

That's all for this article. Sorry but this article is short due to some reasons. In the next part, we will learn about some important tags used in HTML.Till then visit your favorite sites to check thir HTML. Comment on how you think this article is, what improvements should I do and for any doubts. Share with your friends and _ keep coding _.

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