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Omkar Ajnadkar
Omkar Ajnadkar

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Hello World Rebooted πŸ’‘

So, most of us try to remain skilled in more than one language...let's say possibly 4 to 5 languages and the first program we try to write in any language is none other than Hello World.

In search of how I can learn to write Hello World in as many language possible, I decided to search the web for various languages, but it is really a Herculian Task to search for as many as possible, but then Open-Source come handy. For the currently ongoing Hacktoberfest, I decided let's make newcomer's do it themselves. Created a repo with Hactoberfest tag, and BoomπŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

In less than 24 hours, repo has 53 Hello Worlds(Yes, You heard it right) in differnet languages. Repo also conatins short information about every language. I know there are still plaenty of languages out there, but 53 by any meance is not a small number.

It will be great if you can contribute to the project by any of the following ways:

  1. You can improve code quality by adding comments to already available codes.
  2. You can add short langauge informations in README file.
  3. And yes, you can (and must 😎) add any new language you know.

GitHub logo blackbird71SR / Hello-World

Hello World in all possible programmnig languages


Hello World in all possible programming languages


This repository should eventually contain the famous "Hello World" program in all the programming languages possible...

How to Contribute to this repository

  • Star this repository using 'Star' button on the top.
  • Click on Fork Repository using the 'Fork' button on the top.
  • Clone the forked repository on your PC. Using this command on your Git bash or any terminal with git support : git clone url.
  • Now create a new branch with this command: git branch branchname and then use that branch by this command: git checkout branchname.
  • Go ahead and make changes.
  • After making changes use this command to add the changes: git add filename, and then git commit -m "message here".
  • After that use this command: git push origin branchname.
  • Create a pull request, and wait for Pull Request to get merged.

How to


Note: Be sure to check Hello World in WhiteSpace language ( and comment what do you think...

Discussion (10)

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Nick Karnik • Edited on

This has been done a few times.

The Hello World Collection

Hello World on Github

Rosetta Code - Hello World

Hello World in Many Programming Languages

Perhaps what you could do differently is provide a basic program in every language and link to an online code sandbox.

thinkdigitalsoftware profile image

Shhh. Don't tell him! Just submit the rest as an enormous pull request and steal all the credit!

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Nick Karnik

That cracked me up!! πŸ˜† πŸ‘ πŸ˜† πŸ‘ πŸ˜† πŸ‘ πŸ˜† πŸ‘

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Nacho Toledo

Does CSS count? :P

body:after { content: "Hello, World!" }

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Olivier Schyns

I think it would make more sense to make your list of hello worlds only with with languages that YOU know. I know around 16 programming languages. So I could make a neat little "hello world" list but one which mean something actually.

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Phil Ashby

I like this suggestion - you get an opportunity to contrast / compare different constructs in each language that can provide similar functionality, and pick out special features that make it awesome. It's a bit like a code golf challenge, do the same thing in the most: elegant / performant / insane ways.

I assume folks have met the 99 bottles website (1500 languages)?:

I provided one of the GNU Make implementations, which lasted about a week before it was improved upon :)

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Ross Henderson

I think I've added a pull request. Never used GitHub before so this was a fantastic little project to learn with :)

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Ben Halpern

53 Hello Worlds


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Omkar Ajnadkar Author

Yes, It feels awesome😎

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possibly 4 to 5 languages

I reached 12 (plus some application script languages). I won! - And I would say I'm good with three of them. Yet!