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Discussion on: Concurrency is not the parallelism

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Omkar Ajnadkar Author

Thanks for your suggestions. Although I am no expert in this topic, what I am trying to explain here is the difference between parallelism and concurrency. This is for those who think that parallelism is equivalent to concurrency, which is not and that's what I am trying to explain here.
In the line,

Concurrency: Fooling you and running processes alternatively

I am just trying to explain that concurrency does not mean processor is running more than one process simultaneously but user is thinking that more than one process is running.

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DrBearhands • Edited on

I'm sorry, but your intention is irrelevant in this. Whatever it is you intended to do, what you have achieved is misinforming people.

You should edit your post to correct this for future readers (or delete it if you do not feel up to editing it).