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My Final Project

I was planning to design an aesthetically pleasing, interactive and W3C compliant website for Grande Hospital including couple of properly validated forms, contact details, services provided by the Grande hospital and facilities such as E-MIS report. HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 3, JavaScript and different other JS libraries has been used to add some animation and functionality to the website.

Demo Link


Link to Code


Retrospective || Evaluation

I think this website fulfill its basic objectives by giving information about hospital, service provided by the hospital etc. But as technology is growing and becoming more advanced each day there are some other important things that I could’ve inserted in website such as 360 virtual tour of hospital. Also, the website should have supported the Nepali language to require the meet of local market.

When I check this website it was compatible with many browsers i.e. contents were perfectly displayed in every browser. It is because very few modern CSS properties were used and wherever the modern CSS was used browser prefixes was also added. I think this website will not be so hard to use for disabled users too because Accessibility was prioritized while coding for this website and some important attributes were used such as Alt, ARIA to make them easy to access and also captions and transcripts are used in multimedia content.


The most important thing was that I got to learn so many things during this project which are but not limited to:

  • Made myself familiar with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JS, jQuery
  • Learned to use Git
  • Learned to how to learn(how to google :P)
  • Mobile First Approach and so on.

Happy Graduation!!

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