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Bennett Upfield
Bennett Upfield

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Introduction to My Blog

Hello, to all you interviewers (and even the few random people who stumble upon this useless post), welcome to my Blog-Post. As you know I my application has the coding Bootcamp Flatiron as my primary source of education for programming, and that is where I was encouraged to start writing a blog-post to grow my online presence. Anyways refer to the two sections below.

General Post Content

In these blogs, at least for the next few months, I will be posting on the random walkthroughs for coding problems that I've faced while learning at Flatiron. I will also be providing solutions to problems I face on a few coding projects that I am currently working on, my first post will be one of these.

Who is I

My names Bennet Upfield. I've been programming for my own pleasure for around 2 years and have taken a few college courses on Computer Programming. When I took these courses they surprised me with how much I enjoyed them. This has taken me to enter into the Flatiron Bootcamp where I hope to enter into the programming Industry for the hope of finding enjoyable employment.


Go read the rest of my blog post, I'll try to keep them more engaging than this one.

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