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Interview for frontend notes - behavioral questions

Bartek Jakubowski
Software Engineer at @intive | working with React, React Native, TypeScript | Games, Movies, Soundtracks enthusiast
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This is it. You earn too little, project is too boring, technologies used in the company are old and there are no space left to grow. Its time to consider changing a job.
Every now and then there is a time in software engineer career when such feelings occur.

If you've had enough and you feel its time to change, be prepared to answer few behavioral questions I listed below. Your answers will give the interviewer some idea of what kind of person You are, whats Your motivations and will You be a good fit for their company.


  • Whats Your employment situation?
  • Why do You want to change job?
  • What did You like about previous job?
  • What are You looking for in the next job?
  • What should the next company do better, that will be satisfying for You as their employee?
  • What sort of companies do You see yourself in? Small software house ? Startup? A product company, or a body-lending company ?
  • Why do you want to work for us?


  • What are Your responsibilities in current role?
  • What tech stack were You working in?
  • What technologies are You most comfortable with?
  • What technologies, programming languages would You want to work with in the future?

  • What types of projects did You participate in?

  • Did You work in Agile methodologies? Are You familiar with Scrum?

  • How big were the teams You were working in?

  • Are You more comfortable working in small or big teams?

Learning attitude

  • What are You learning in free time? What do You do to expand Your knowledge ?
  • Do You have a side project?
  • Do You contribute to OSS?
  • What was the last good course You watched/took ?

Soft skills

  • What do You do when you are facing a problem, You had never faced before ?
  • What is your greatest professional accomplishment?
  • What is your biggest professional failure?
  • Did You work with difficult people? How was it? Are You able to work with such people?


  • When are You available?
  • What are Your salary expectations?
  • What type of contract are You interested in? Employment or B2B?

Your questions

  • How many stages of the recruitment process You have?
  • How big are the development teams?
  • Are You working in Agile methodologies? Scrum? Kanban?
  • To which team i am being recruited to?
  • What kind of projects am I going to work in?
  • Whats the coulture of the company?
  • Is there a clear career path, development opportunities ?
  • Is there a clear process of pay raise in the company ?

These are some example questions You may face during early recruitment process. Of course, its unlikely that You will have to answer to all of them, but preparing for most will be benefitial and give You confidence.

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