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Discussion on: Rails 5 or 6?

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Ian bradbury Author

My main concerns revolve around the webpack integration and the difficulty in getting that right. And you know, being a new version there will be effort to get comfortable to the changes. No other concerns really.

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Lucas Arantes

Interesting 🤔

  • regarding webpack integration

by getting that right, do you mean in a specific configuration?

If want to use react or something you could create your app like this and it works really well:

rails new myapp --webpack=react --skip-sprockets

All your js is going to be on app/javascript/

Also, if your app gets too large in the future, you could move the front-end to a different repo quite easily

  • being a new version Rails is quite madure, there aren't much breaking changes, and hopefully you will probably continue to work as always.

Do you have any specific change in mind?