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Discussion on: Core Data vs. SQLite

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Ian bradbury

I've been using Realm since I attempted to learn Core Data back in 2015/6. Core Data gave me such a headache that I ended up looking for something else. Realm was like a breath of fresh air and I've stuck with it since. But now that Mongo have bought Realm I'm a little worried about Realm's future (they're saying all the right things - but well they would wouldn't they)

Apparently Core Data has been much improved over the last year or so. Can anyone shine a light on improvements and why I might want to have another look?

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Midhet Sulemani Author

I guess a lot of people used to use other forms of persistence in the app previously, for reasons I am not completely aware except for that Core Data felt unnecessarily complicated and intimidating. But since the time I have started using Core data, I feel like the initial code is a one time investment and it can be maintained and versioned easily. Maybe, these changes have come in the recent times, because I have less than 5 years of experience in iOS/Swift.