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Discussion on: Which Mobile Backend?

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Ian bradbury Author

I am tempted to roll my own. (ROR) But I ask myself .... is it work the hassle? And I'm 55% responding - No.

I'm not sure - maybe there is an ROR opensource project that provides backend services (Auth/Data). I'm going to hit up DDG to find out.

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If you don't have interest in backend dev and your focus is really on the mobile app and its features then you shouldn't spend time on developing your own backend, instead a pre-baked 'MBAAS' (mobile backend as a service) is the way to go.

Way back then I was quite satisfied about Firebase, and they've made a lot of progress in the meantime, so it must only have got better.

I've heard you can now not only run database queries and updates but also run some of your business logic on Firebase, so you no longer need to build a 'fat frontend' that contains all of your business logic (which is what we did back then).