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Kentico Rocks Episode #035 - Examining Web Spotlight for Kentico Kontent


In this episode of Kentico Rocks , Brian McKeiver is joined by fellow Kentico Kontent MVP Andy Thompson. Andy and Brian discuss the newly released Web Spotlight feature for Kentico Kontent.

According to Andy, Web Spotlight addresses the elephant in the room when it comes to utilizing a Headless CMS, which is, how can we expect our content teams to develop a website without a head to look at it with?

Check out the latest episode of Kentico Rocks to find out what developers need to know about implementing Web Spotlight, how to implement it in a .Net Core MVC project, and how it possibly changes your content model requirements. Brian and Andy both agree that ultimately, when implemented correctly, Web Spotlight by Kontent can take your Headless CMS site editing experience to the next level.

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In This Episode

Brian McKeiver and Andy Thompson discuss the following topics in Kentico Rocks podcast episode #35:

  • What Web Spotlight is for Kentico Kontent
  • What developers need to know about getting started with Web Spotlight
  • A few pitfalls to watch out for
  • How to integrate a .Net Core MVC site with the new Smart Link SDK
  • A review of Andy's blog post and his custom tag helper for MVC Core

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