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sCrypt Hackathon 2024 Winners Announced!

sCrypt Hackathon 2024 Winners Announced!

The sCrypt community is thrilled to announce the winners of the 2024 sCrypt Hackathon, held from March 25 to April 25, 2024!

This year's theme revolved around merging sCrypt (Bitcoin smart contracts) with Ordinals (Bitcoin tokens) to pioneer innovative solutions in the blockchain space. We received a fantastic response from developers worldwide, with a wide range of creative projects submitted.

The winners were chosen through a combination of judge evaluation and community votes. You can explore all the amazing projects on Devfolio:

And the ten best selected projects are...

  1. Grand Prize Winner ($5,000): Gassed-Up
  2. The Bitcoin CPU
  3. Satoshi Dragons
  4. Block Trust
  5. OneSatRollup
  6. mediumSv
  7. Smart Ordinals
  8. Autochaintrade App
  9. Facial-Identity-Verification
  10. Auoz

We're especially excited to congratulate Gassed-Up,
the project taking home the Grand Prize of $5,000! Their innovative approach exemplifies the potential of sCrypt to revolutionize everyday processes.

Congratulations to all the participants for their innovative projects and dedication to advancing the sCrypt ecosystem. We're confident these projects will continue to develop and contribute significantly to the growth of the sCrypt ecosystem.

Summary of 10 Ten Best Projects Developed During the sCrypt Hackathon 2024

  1. 1. Gassed-Up

Description: A gas pump simulator optimizing cost, trust, and customer experience at the pump with a Bitcoin smart contract.


Project Link: Gassed-Up

  1. 2. The Bitcoin CPU

Description: Executes code with the Everett CPU architecture on Bitcoin.


Project Link: The Bitcoin CPU

  1. 3. Satoshi Dragons

Description: A smart contract-enforced NFT game on Bitcoin.

Project Link: Satoshi Dragons

  1. 4. BlockTrust: Real Estate Management System

Description: A Blockchain Based Real Estate Management System on Bitcoin SV Blockchain.


Project Link: BlockTrust

  1. 5. OneSatRollup

Description: Zero knowledge rollups for Onesat Ordinals and other transaction chains.


Project Link: OneSatRollup

  1. 6. mediumSv: Blockchain Content Rights Platform

Description: Ensures content authenticity and ownership, combating plagiarism and unauthorized use while providing transparent, immutable records of creative works.


Project Link: MediumSv

  1. 7. Smart Ordinals

Description: Demonstrates the potential of turning a stateless UTXO script into a stateful one to leverage the benefits of stateful UTXO scripts.


Project Link: Smart Ordinals

  1. 8. Autochaintrade App

Description: A decentralized automotive trading platform utilizing Ordinal NFTs for secure and transparent vehicle transactions.


Project Link: Autochaintrade App

  1. 9. Facial-Identity-Verification

Description: A groundbreaking platform where cutting-edge technology meets the simplicity of facial recognition.


Project Link: Facial-Identity-Verification

  1. 10. Auoz

Description: Auoz (Au-oz), a fully Bitcoin-backed stablecoin linked to the price of one ounce of gold (Au).


Project Link: Auoz

In conclusion, these projects demonstrated the creativity and technical prowess of the participants, showcasing a diverse array of applications and solutions within the sCrypt ecosystem.
Stay tuned for more updates and future events from sCrypt at

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