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The Remote Company Checklist: Strategies for Effective Remote Team Management

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Workers can only be as successful as their environment allows. If a company isn’t set up to support remote workers well, someones role as a remote worker may not work out long term. A company unused to managing remote employees may not have a process to assess performance because they are used to relying on seeing people in an office “doing work.”

Completely remote companies have solved how to support a remote team. If your company is new to working remote or only has a faction of remote workers, there are some considerations to be had. It might be helpful to try and align with our remote company checklist, a list of attributes a company needs to successfully manage remote teams.

The Remote Company Checklist

  1. Have an Onboarding Process
  2. Have Meetings Built to be Inclusive of Remote Workers
  3. Have a Clear and Always-Available Task Management System
  4. Are Effective Communicators
  5. Have Documentation Around Tribal Knowledge
  6. Have Appropriate Performance Evaluation Metrics in Place

Read more about how to implement this checklist in detail with tools & recommendations on our blog at Bitovi.com - https://www.bitovi.com/blog/the-remote-company-checklist-strategies-for-effective-remote-team-management

At Bitovi, we're a remote-first company. We pride ourselves on being technical experts, as well as experts in communicating, coaching, and mentoring in remote environments, and we have a history of successful projects to prove it. We love all things JavaScript, UX, front-end, and DevOps: if your team needs help in a remote capacity with getting a new project out the door, mentoring and coaching on best practices, or adding expertise and velocity to your team, please shoot us an email!

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