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Hi, the actual challenge behind what you describe is that it‘s absolutely a first-world ideological topic: you‘re financially save with your job - so there is not enough pressure for you to work on „your“ stuff.
A thought that always helps me is: Would my own stuff be progressed enough to make a living out of it IF NO ONE wanted your consulting work from tomorrow on. This puts more responsibility into your own things and makes them an actual serious topic in your life. The actions will follow almost automatically.....


Well you nailed that one. It's exactly the issue. I can not afford to leave the comfort of my job and put my full time in to my projects. I would need at least a year to put things together before I think any of my ideas would make money.

But then I know I can make my projects on the side, and they could make money but then I don't have the pressure so everything under the sun, comes first.

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