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How to Build a DApp On TRON

As we are living in the era of blockchain , it is essential for us to know about blockchain technology . We all have come across the terms Ethereum and EOS when we look into the development of Dapps. Here we are going to discuss about TRON , a blockchain network like ethereum and EOS used for build dapps .
So , let us first know about what is TRON ? and then let us deeply look into how to develop dapp on TRON ? . Without a delay , let us jump into the discussion .

What is TRON ?

In 2017 , a Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun , launched TRON . At first TRON is considered as an blockchain network which is used only for entertainments. Later , it has extended its uses for all other general purposes too . TRON is now used for the development of decentralized applications which creates a challenging environment for both ethereum and EOS .
TRX first existed as an ERC20 token, but after the launch of Tron mainnet, the TRX token is now its native asset.
TRON is a blockchain that is specially made to build decentralized p2p media network all around the world.


TRX is the official cryptocurrency of the TRON Blockchain. Unlike other cryrpotcurrency TRX has the focus of becoming humans asset rather than benefiting cryrptocurrency traders alone.

How TRX is used in TRON Dapps?

TRX is used as a token in TRON Dapps, or any TRON Blockchain Based Decentralized Network.
Any user who wishes to get content from a publisher have to pay required amount of TRX tokens.

As said above TRX can be purchased at any exchanges but only with ETH, BTC, or any other cryptocurrency. Currently We can’t buy TRX for Fiat currency.
Tronix (TRX) Price : The current Value of of Tronix (TRX)/ unit Published by coinmarketcap is, $0.026722 (While writing the article)


How TRON Blockchain works : Functionally

Tron Eliminates the third parties when a publisher publishes a digital content to the end users. When a publisher publish a digital media or content inside a tron network, then he will be rewarded for likes, shares, comment and how many people see his content. So no middle man can decide the amount to be shared for the publisher.

So TRON benefits both the publisher and consumer.

How TRON Blockchain Works : Technically

To explain how TRON works, let us explore the architecture of TRON Blockchain

The architecture of TRON consist of Three layers

Storage Layer - This Layer Packed up with all storage protocols, which will be consist of wallet blocks, states storages and GRPC.

Core Layer - This layer consist of smart contacts, Account Management, Wallet API, SDK and consensus. Programming languages used are : C++,Python, GO, Scala and Java for smart contracts

Application Layer: Dapps Developers can develop and deploy inside the TRON network and can customize it with the support of this application layer.

TRON uses a proof-of-stake (DPoS) system. So, Witnesses can be selected by TRON Power holders and then the witnesses can be rewarded for validating blocks.

How To Build DAPPs On TRON Network?

Steps in developing a Dapp on TRON Network

1.Decide the idea
2.Create smart contracts
3.Created tokens on TRC10 or TRC20 Standards
4.Inside the TRON Developer HUB Setup your account
5.Read the Developer DOCS
6.Install the Necessary Development Tools
7.Set up the API’S
8.Build Dapp and customize it

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