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re: I get your point, don't get me wrong, I think financial inclusion is one of the most urgent challenges mankind's facing by now. But I still don't s...

What makes you think they can hardly pay anythign from it? There are huge networks we simply have no good metrics to messure them because they are informal buisnesses. You can call it also at hoc economy, or unreported economy. Just take this number I pulled from wiki. "In the U.S. unreported income is estimated to be $2 trillion resulting in a "tax gap" of $450–$600 billion.[7][8]"

Are real issue is fraud, scams, and security, people thinking they are buying bitcoin but ending up with some shitcoin. Also overcharging is a huge problem. That's why education of what bitcoin really is and how to use it safe and sound is really important but ever since the marketing people came into the game and wanted to make bitcoin mainstream... that learning curve got washed away... sadly. Greed has taken over.

Well... just my few cents for now.

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