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Sergio Freire
Sergio Freire

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Improving performance, security, accessibility, SEO and more

In this article I'll show how I've improved my site performance by more than 300%, using Next.js, Vercel, Checkly and Lighthouse. I was also able to improve accessibility, security and adopt common web best practices.
And for that I've used one secret of Agile.

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Sung M. Kim

Hi Sergio.

Posts here on should contain actual substantial content, not just be intended to promote another external work. From the Terms of Use:

Users must make a good-faith effort to share content that is...not designed primarily for the purposes of promotion or creating backlinks. Additionally, posts must contain substantial content — they may not merely reference an external link that contains the full post.

However, DEV Listings may be appropriate for this.
(See the rules there.)

Thank you.

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Sergio Freire Author

Thank you for the feedback. I will act accordingly next time.

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