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I left Facebook, Twitter, Pinter est, Instagram, TripAdvisor, LinkedIn and all Google stuff one year ago and I feel good 😊
Now I use some remplacements for some of them, mainly fediverse apps like Mastodon, Diaspora and PeerTube. It's a whole new sane world to discover and it's quite exciting !
Everyone should give it a go.


Ok. How did you leave google? Its almost like cancer. Are you sure there is no trace at all? and whats up with TripAdvisor. People are getting addicted to that? :D


I left Google little by little. Started by Gmail, which was quite easy to replace by ProtonMail, then I switched my Phone to LineageOS without Google services, and I replaced Drive by Cozy.io and NextCloud. Finally I closed my Google account.
I still use some services like Google Search and YouTube, but without being logged.

Regarding TripAdvisor, I was a top 10 contributor of my city, so yes I guess we can be addicted to that 😊

How do I install lineage IS

I just follow the installation guide that I found on my phone's manufacturer : Fairphone2. It's quite easy !


Mastodon UI is like tweetdeck. There is a column with your feed and without algorithm, a column with the local feed of your instance and a column with the feed of all federated instances, without algorithm I think.

To be honest it's not as trendy as Twitter but it's OK for me.


I looked into Mastodon. I was super-excited - i INSTANTLY thought "yeah, I'm gonna host one of these" lol - but navigating the ecosystem was a lot to take on. Seemed a little like JavaScript libs before npm.

I'll come back to it one day, though.


If you're looking to host your own instance, have a look at pleroma, it's much more simple !

I'm really surprised I didn't run into Pleroma before!

I'm team Go/Vue, and I've entertained Elixir (and rust). You'd think pleroma would've popped up in my looking.

(Backstory: I'm pretty much convinced Go took inspo from elixir when they designed goroutines - one of my favorite things ever)

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