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I left Facebook, Twitter, Pinter est, Instagram, TripAdvisor, LinkedIn and all Google stuff one year ago and I feel good 😊
Now I use some remplacements for some of them, mainly fediverse apps like Mastodon, Diaspora and PeerTube. It's a whole new sane world to discover and it's quite exciting !
Everyone should give it a go.


What has your experience been with Mastodon compared to Twitter so far? Is there anything like a content select algorithm like with Twitter, which really irritates me personally.


Mastodon UI is like tweetdeck. There is a column with your feed and without algorithm, a column with the local feed of your instance and a column with the feed of all federated instances, without algorithm I think.

To be honest it's not as trendy as Twitter but it's OK for me.


I looked into Mastodon. I was super-excited - i INSTANTLY thought "yeah, I'm gonna host one of these" lol - but navigating the ecosystem was a lot to take on. Seemed a little like JavaScript libs before npm.

I'll come back to it one day, though.


If you're looking to host your own instance, have a look at pleroma, it's much more simple !

I'm really surprised I didn't run into Pleroma before!

I'm team Go/Vue, and I've entertained Elixir (and rust). You'd think pleroma would've popped up in my looking.

(Backstory: I'm pretty much convinced Go took inspo from elixir when they designed goroutines - one of my favorite things ever)


Ok. How did you leave google? Its almost like cancer. Are you sure there is no trace at all? and whats up with TripAdvisor. People are getting addicted to that? :D


I left Google little by little. Started by Gmail, which was quite easy to replace by ProtonMail, then I switched my Phone to LineageOS without Google services, and I replaced Drive by and NextCloud. Finally I closed my Google account.
I still use some services like Google Search and YouTube, but without being logged.

Regarding TripAdvisor, I was a top 10 contributor of my city, so yes I guess we can be addicted to that 😊

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