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Boris Jamot โœŠ / • Edited on

Russ Cox himself bewares that the "Standard Go Project Layout" is really not a standard:

this is not a standard Go project layout #117

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rsc posted on

The README makes clear that this is not official, but even the claim "it is a set of common historical and emerging project layout patterns in the Go ecosystem" is not accurate.

For example, the vast majority of packages in the Go ecosystem do not put the importable packages in a pkg subdirectory. More generally what is described here is just very complex, and Go repos tend to be much simpler.

It is unfortunate that this is being put forth as "golang-standards" when it really is not. I'm commenting here because I am starting to see people say things like "you are not using the standard Go project layout" and linking to this repo.

I've been using this layout for 3 years but I've reconsidered the question...