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Discussion on: Switching to Arch Linux

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Boris Jamot ✊ /

Nice config. It seems to be very comfortable.

I'm using manjaro with I3. After a few years using polybar, I found a more simple alternative : bumblebee. I use Kitty as a terminal emulator with fish shell which is very user friendly. I also use feh for wallpapers. And also vscode, IDEA, evolution, jitsi, sky, deepin screenshot, OBS, gimp, Firefox, ranger, neovim, wire, docker, openvpn, git, lnav, tmux...

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Mauro Garcia Author

So cool! I want to try ranger as soon as possible! And I'm slowly learning tmux (it's awesome)

I'll check bumblebee, and it's the first time I hear about it! Thanks for sharing and for the recommendations! Now I have to do some research 😄