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How NuvoLinQ Automated their Fulfilment and Customer Support Processes using Openscreen Track

The Challenge

NuvoLinQ supplies and supports routers and sim cards that provide internet services for IoT devices. With connectivity in over 175 countries, they provide essential connections to businesses whose network access is mission critical to their operations. They needed a solution that could simplify fulfilment and digitize support for their devices in the field.

The Solution - Openscreen Track

Leveraging Openscreen Track's dynamic QR Codes, and its asset and contact management capabilities, NuvoLinQ launched ScanLinQ to simplify router fulfilment and digitize customer service.

With Openscreen Track, Nuvolinq was able to:

  • Create a unique, trackable QR code for every router and sim
  • Retrieve the last known status information for routers
  • Easily identify offline routers and send details to their cloud management system
  • Have customers submit a support ticket with only a camera scan
  • Allow technicians to diagnose and report router details to the support team

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Key Results

NuvoLinQ was able to transform their fulfilment and customer support experience by configuring simple yet sophisticated workflows leveraging Openscreen Track. The resulting solution allowed NuvoLinQ to decrease response time, decrease downtime and increase customer satisfaction.

About Openscreen Track

Openscreen Track leverages dynamic QR Codes, asset management, scan capture and contact management to track people and products as they move through your supply chain. NuvoLinQ is one of many use-cases of Openscreen Track. For more information, visit or contact us.

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