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Instagram platform

There is hardly anyone who isn't on social media lately. Whether it's personal branding or promoting products and services through these platforms, social media has always been effective. Social media has taken online by storm. It is a two-way channel during which brands can communicate directly with their audience and, therefore, the other way around. Users can post their questions directly on social media platforms and gain quick answers. Modern tools and technologies allow brands to engage with their audiences. With platforms like Instagram, there's no need to reminisce. According to Statista, Instagram features a user base of 1 billion monthly logged users on its platform.

Instagram has become a superb platform for its users to become famous and make money. Quite 500 million people worldwide use the Instagram story feature daily, according to Statista. According to the Instagram Business Blog, 4 million businesses are using stories monthly to urge more leads and 58% of Instagram users are more interested in a brand after watching stories. Brands use Instagram to spice up awareness, create leads and increase sales. With the help of reels and Instagram stories, people share their life experiences through photos and videos.

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Instagram could also be a tool not only for individuals but also for businesses. The photo-sharing app gives companies the prospect to launch a free business account to plug their brand and products. Companies with business accounts have access to free engagement and impression measurement.

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sarahcornelo • Edited on

This is a nice article about the issue worrying me for a long time. I make epoxy jewelry and would like to develop my presence on Instagram to get more customers and, therefore, more income. Now I think that I lack two things: verification on my Instagram page and more followers there. Now I know how to promote the account and hope that more people will come to my page soon and would like to buy something from me.
I don’t want to become a businesswoman and get thousands of orders, but to have a small home-based shop would be nice. This would give me some purpose in life.

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Thanks for sharing!