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Theme Management in Laravel

At times, you may find the need to manage themes in your Laravel project. For this purpose, the hexadog/laravel-themes-manager package will fulfill your requirements.

How it works?

The algorithm behind this package is elegantly simple yet remarkably powerful. It seamlessly integrates your theme path into Laravel's default View Finder paths, revolutionizing your ability to manage and customize views.

The View Finder carries out its search for views in the following order:

  1. It first looks in the current theme's designated path.
  2. If the current theme has a parent theme, it extends its search to include the parent theme's path.
  3. As a fallback, it checks Laravel's default resources/views folder.

This versatile package also empowers you to override third-party package vendor files and error views with ease. You have the flexibility to create custom views for specific scenarios, such as errors/404.blade.php or vendor/mail/notifications/email.blade.php, tailored to each theme's unique requirements.

For more detailed information on how this works and utilizing views effectively, you can refer to the following resources:

Child Theme Support

The child theme feature enables your theme to inherit properties and functionality from a parent theme. By utilizing this feature, your child theme becomes dependent on the parent theme, allowing for efficient theme customization.

For instance, let's say you've developed a theme named default/example, and you need to introduce modifications like a simplified product listing or different color schemes. In such cases, creating a child theme becomes essential. You can easily create a child theme named default/example-simple and proceed to add specific elements like the components/product-list-item.blade.php view.

With this setup, the theme manager prioritizes the views within your child theme, utilizing them instead of the parent theme's defaults. If the theme manager doesn't find a particular element in your child theme, it gracefully falls back to the parent theme, ensuring a seamless and flexible theme management experience.


Please follow documentation to setup package.

Creating Theme

The package includes a vendor prefix at the beginning of your theme name, ensuring that theme names remain unique. This vendor name serves as a differentiator, allowing you to create themes like commerce/example and commerce-b2b/example. While the theme names may appear the same, they reside in distinct vendor namespaces, preventing conflicts.

Creating a new theme is an effortless process. Simply execute the following command and provide the necessary inputs:

php artisan theme:make
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This command creates these files:

    ├── vendorName
    │   ├── themeName
    │   │   ├── public
    │   │   │   ├── css
    │   │   │   ├── js
    │   │   │   ├── img
    │   │   └── resources
    │   │   │   ├── views
    │   │   │   │   ├── layouts
    │   │   │   │   │   └── app.blade.php
    │   │   │   │   │   └── guest.blade.php
    │   │   └── composer.json
    │   └── ...
    └── ...
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Using Themes

You have the flexibility to incorporate themes either within a controller or as part of a middleware. To seamlessly integrate theme logic into your Laravel project, you can refer to the following documentation pages:

These resources provide detailed guidance on implementing themes to enhance the visual and functional aspects of your application.


Embracing theme management in your Laravel project with the hexadog/laravel-themes-manager package opens up exciting possibilities for customization. You can effortlessly create themes, enhance views, and seamlessly apply them in controllers or middleware. Whether you're building a complex e-commerce site or a straightforward blog, this package simplifies the theme integration process, making it a valuable asset for Laravel developers. Start exploring theme management today to take your Laravel projects to the next level of visual and functional excellence.

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