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Small projects for the long-term

Many open-source enthusiasts are familiar with the name "Sindre Sorhus". Sindre is a Norwegian developer with more than 1,000 packages on NPM and over 46,000 Twitter followers. He created chalk for coloring terminal output. His project ava helps with running JavaScript tests. He also spearheads the popular awesome lists collection on GitHub.

When asked how he "gets so much done", he responded,

...I think making small focused reusable modules has had the biggest impact on my productivity....

This statement has had a big impact on me recently. I've found that if I finish small goals often, I get more satisfaction than if I would have gotten with a large, never-ending project. I even revisited some old creations, and touched them up. I hope it makes your life more effective as well.

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Shaya Ulman

Great point.
Thanks for sharing!