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VS Code Extension that will make your coding life easy

VS Code code editor is used by almost everyone. If you haven't using it then what are you waiting for? Be a superhero.... Your time will be saved.

Ok, that's was a pretty good introduction on VS Code.

There are millions of extensions in VS Code and you only need to know a few ones to make your life easy and great.

So here are our top extensions to use...

  1. Live Server
    This extension has 2.4 million downloads. So, if you are doing web development then you must have this extension. It displays the code result on your browser. It spare developers the burden of constantly saving work in the editor and then reloading the browser to see changes.

  2. Prettier
    This extension has more than 23 million downloads. With Prettier, you can quickly clean and format your code base to remove inconsistencies.

  3. Stylelint
    Stylelint is a simple, automated linter add-on for VS Code, capable of highlighting code problems, stylistic errors, bugs, and other dubious constructs.

  4. SonarLint
    This extension is used to find issues in the code even before they arise.

  5. Remote-SSH
    It allows developers to use any remote PC with an SSH server as their IDE.

  6. Quokka
    It immediately displays the results, inline console logs, expression values, and error messages as you modify the code.

  7. Live Share
    Users can share a session with another person, enabling them to collaborate on the server, debug sessions, and changing code. The Live Share extension has more than 9.3 million downloads.

Happy Learning 🎉

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