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What are the Future Technologies counting On Python?

Nowadays, the most learning language is Python programming language and most demanding. The developers have craze now to learn Python worldwide, and businesses and startups are hire python developer more and more. For game development, application development, web development, system administration, Python is widely adopted.

Many people always asked,

What are the future technologies?
Why Python is the most demanding language?
Why do developers love to learn Python?

The core answer to all the questions is Python. Yes, all the future technologies rely on Python; that's why developers love to learn Python; it becomes the most trending programming language because it is the core language.

Let's look at the technologies that use Python for research as a core element and next developments.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There are plenty of python frameworks, tools, and libraries developed, especially for different development goals to decrease human efforts with boosted efficiency and accuracy to direct Artificial Intelligence.

Under several Artificial Intelligence branches, exceptional of the python tools and libraries we have given here,

General AI- SimpleAI, EasyAI, pyDatalog, AIMA, etc.

Machine Learning - PyML, MDP Toolkit, scikit-learn, MIPy, GraphLab, PyBrain etc.

Neural Languages and Text Processing - NLTK, Quepy, gensim

Neural Networks - pyrenn, ffnet, PyAnn, neurolab etc.

Big Data:

Python supported big data technology raise so that the Python programming language's future can be predicted by it. Through its high-performance toolkits and libraries in analyzing many data, sets Python has successfully contributed across computers and handled other big data issues.

For data analysis and other big data handling issues, let's have a quick overview of the python toolkits and libraries used,

GraphLab Create


In the future, another field is Networking in that Python has a brighter scope. In a secure manner and cost-effective, Python programming language is used to write, read, and configure switches and routers and perform other automation tasks in networking.

For network automation by network engineers, let have a look at listed some python tools and libraries primarily used,

Junos PyEZ
Paramiko SSH
Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor Support (NAPALM)

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