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Salesforce vs AWS Salary

Among Amazon AWS and Salesforce, mostly young developers usually worried about which technology is most reliable for career scope who are just beginning their careers

To expect the best career inclinations, you must know about both technology Salesforce and AWS, as per the career perspective.

Salesforce career opportunities

The Salesforce certification program acknowledges you with the basics of marketing automation and sales collaboration. The various Salesforce jobs and their average salaries are:

There are a lot of Salesforce jobs there in the market. Let's have a quick overview of their average salaries;

  • Salesforce Administrator: ranges between $40000 to $95000 per year.
  • Salesforce Developer: around $90000 to $125000 annually.
  • Salesforce Consultant: around $55000 to $125000 annually.
  • Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant: approx $150000 per annum

AWS Career Opportunities

It would be best if you got certifies as an AWS developer, architect, SysOps administrator, and DevOps engineer in the realm of AWS.

Well, in AWS there are also various jobs available. have a quick overview on AWS developer's average salaries;

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect- average salary in the US is $148,456 per annum.
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer's average salary $137,724 annually.
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect- an associate's average salary is $130,883 per year.
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator- average salary $130,610 per annum.
  • AWS Certified Developer- annually $130,272 for an associate.

I hope this blog delivers related information about Salesforce and AWS salary-related Questions. For a more detailed comparison, read- Salesforce vs AWS.

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