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How to make money as a software engineer?

-Full-time employment: Software engineers can work for a company as a full-time employee and receive a salary and benefits.

-Freelancing: Some software engineers choose to work as freelancers, taking on short-term or project-based work from a variety of clients.

-Starting a business: Some software engineers choose to start their own businesses, either by developing and selling their own software products or by providing consulting and development services to clients.

-Stock options: Some software engineers receive stock options as part of their compensation packages, which can provide a financial return if the company's stock price increases.

-Contract work: Software engineers can also find contract work through agencies or as independent contractors, working on a project-by-project basis.

-Open source contributions: Many software engineers make money by contributing to open source projects and getting paid for their work through donations or sponsorships.

-Teaching or training: Software engineers who are knowledgeable about a particular programming language or technology may be able to make money by teaching or providing training to others.

-Writing and blogging: Some software engineers make money by writing about technical topics and sharing their knowledge through blogging or writing for online publications.

-Productized services: Software engineers may be able to create and sell a productized service, such as a tool or automation service that they have developed.

-Licensing: Software engineers may be able to license their software to other companies or individuals for a fee.

Overall, there are many different ways that software engineers can make money, and the best approach will depend on an individual's skills, interests, and goals.

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Konstantin BIFERT

For the most part I agree but the OSS contributions. Most devs don't have a huge enough donation so that it's anyhow relevant to even call that income.

Try to give me 3 names of contributors (without cheating) who are making 3% via Github what they could earn from a private company. Yeah, there is not a lot. πŸ˜…

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Making money via a software product you made yourself, pretty damn hard and rare.

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Ahmed Onour

Amazing AI article

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