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#100DaysOfCode with Daily Web Frontend Challenges


Hey fellow developers! Adrian here from BigDevSoon, and I've got some thrilling news for those of you looking to sharpen your coding skills in a fun, engaging way. Starting today, we are launching Daily Challenges, a series designed to push your limits and expand your knowledge in Frontend and Web Development.

Daily Challenges

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Why Daily Challenges? Each day, we're serving up a new challenge – from crafting sleek HTML/CSS designs to diving into the dynamic world of JavaScript with projects like Password Generators. It's a golden opportunity to learn by doing, and the best part? Today's challenge is always free to unlock, offering a fresh dose of inspiration and learning every single day.

But wait, there's more. Missed a challenge? No problem. Each past challenge can be unlocked for just 1 BigToken the following day. This structure encourages consistency and dedication, two pillars of becoming a proficient developer.

Your Coding Playgrounds

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Code Editor: Our built-in Code Editor is perfect for beginners, with HTML, CSS, and JS tabs ready for your creativity. See your changes come to life instantly in the Preview pane – a satisfying way to track your progress.

Glitch: Prefer a more flexible setup? Remix our provided Glitch Template, and submit your remixed URL. It's a seamless way to develop and share your solutions.

GitHub: For those who love working with GitHub, simply create a repository (from our template or yours), and submit both the repository URL and the Live Preview URL of your deployed challenge.

Switching between these coding options is a breeze – just look for the toggle on the very left bottom of your screen.

Wrapping Up

I'm genuinely excited to see what amazing code you'll create and the innovative solutions you'll share. This is more than just a challenge; it's a community effort to grow together, one day at a time. Remember, sharing your journey and creations not only helps you reflect but also inspires others to leap.

Let's make learning an adventure. Grab your keyboard, and let's code our way to the top, one challenge at a time!

To celebrate the launch, we're offering a limited-time promo code: BIGDEVSOON50. This code gives you a whopping 50% off all our plans and token packages. It's our way of saying thanks and making sure everyone has the chance to join in the fun.

Happy coding,

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Vikas yadav

Every challenge teaches me something valuable. Although the challenges may appear straightforward initially, I often find myself searching for CSS properties or other details during implementation. As a developer, I frequently read blogs about emerging trends in the frontend space, but due to my busy schedule, I rarely get the chance to put that knowledge into practice. This platform allows me to actively apply what I’ve learned.