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10 Programming Languages Worth Learning in 2024


2024 could be a big year in the tech world while all the AI, ML, Web3, and similar evolving faster than ever.

If you're getting into coding, one of the first choices will be to learn a future-proof programming language that can bring you income over the next years.

It's a tough choice hence with my 8+ years of experience as a Software Engineer I described a few programming languages that might be worth exploring as your primary ones while becoming a Software Developer.

According to a Splunk article, the IT jobs salaries trend has been growing in recent years and is expected to continue to grow.

The example below is IT Salaries by Role in North America.
Image description

It looks like the earnings are still on point and diving into a Software Engineer's career will be worth it for a few years while it makes sense to learn some AI/ML and Prompt Engineering in the upcoming months/years just to stay up to date with the latest IT trends.

1. esProc SPL

esProc SPL emerges as a groundbreaking programming language, specifically engineered for advanced data computing. This language stands out as a high-efficiency solution, adept at handling massive datasets, making it an invaluable tool in today’s data-driven world.

πŸš€ Groundbreaking Language for Data Computing: esProc SPL is tailored for advanced data computing, excelling in handling massive datasets efficiently.

πŸ’‘ High-Efficiency Solution: Offering superior performance, esProc SPL is ideal for data-intensive tasks in today's data-driven environment.

🌐 Versatile Data Processing: Capable of functioning as a data warehouse and computing middleware, it's versatile for various data computing needs.

πŸ”— Grid-Style Coding and JVM-based: Unique grid-style coding for clarity and JVM-based for extensive functionality, setting it apart from other JVM languages like Kotlin and Scala.

🧩 SQL-Style Computations Without Databases: esProc SPL allows for SQL-style computations directly on data, offering flexibility and power in data manipulation.

Star esProc SPL if you can

2. JavaScript

Let's be honest, JavaScript is not going to disappear soon, it's a whole ecosystem with this language where you can learn to create Web Apps, PWA's, Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps, Server-side code with Node.js, and all static site generators, e.g. with Next.js (with a React being an addition to pure JavaScript). It's usually a trio of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript but it's worth learning in 2024 as you can easily apply it to multiple job openings and build a lot of cool tools for multiple platforms.

3. Python

While Python is one of the most fun and simple programming languages to learn for beginners, it's widely used in web development, data science, AI, and machine learning. Outstanding libraries like TensorFlow or PyTorch are advancements in AI and ML. It has also a Django web framework which might be great for diving into Indie Hacking/building your micro SaaS products.

4. Flutter (Dart)

It's been a while since Google created it but it's getting more and more traction everyday more than ever. Powered by Dart programming language, it's a perfect choice for building natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. 🀯

5. Go (Golang)

Another one was created by Google's employees: Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. It's known for efficiency and scalability, which makes it perfect for cloud-based applications. If you're aiming to learn more about Cloud Development and use it for cloud computing and microservices, this might be a great one to start with!

6. Rust

When I was searching for a new gig, a lot of companies were using Rust as their Backend language, the reason behind it might be that it's known for its performance, safety, the system-level programming. Its memory safety features without garbage collection are a major reason for its growing use in high-performance applications.

7. Kotlin

I heard about it a few years back already, however, it's still quite popular and it's fully interoperable with Java. It's increasingly being used for Android app development.

8. Swift

A little bit of an alternative to Android app development, as it's Apple's programming language for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS app development. If you're an iPhone fan and targeting Apple ecosystems as your future career path it might be great to learn this one for mobile development.

9. C Sharp

This one was developed by Microsoft, and with the .NET framework, stays on top of integral for Windows-based software development. It's often used for developing desktop applications but also popular in game development, e.g. for Unity game engine which is one of the most popular tools for creating especially indie games. Apart from it, ASP.NET can be used for web development and Xamarin for mobile apps, and even cloud-based services.

10. PHP

The most hated programming language? Maybe. However, the newest versions fixed a lot of problems and it seems to getting back traction, especially with frameworks like Laravel, it integrate well with web development and can be embedded into HTML.


As for me, I'm diving all in into the JavaScript ecosystem with TypeScript, Web3, and cloud development with e.g. Supabase but also thinking about AWS (Amplify, Lambda functions, and so on). For some nice SEO, I'll stick with Next.js SSR, on the Backend I'll go with Node.js (Express.js, some simple proxy/caching layers or microservices) while also utilizing PostgreSQL as a database and some NoSQL such as MongoDB. As my frontend framework, I'll stick to React for the time being so trying to be a Full-Stack Developer with a Cloud-based development focus.

Good luck with becoming a Software Engineer and finding your unique path to bring you both joy and πŸ’°!

Happy to connect with fellow Developers on Li.

Keep coding BIG! πŸš€

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esProc SPL is really great, easy to write and fast to run

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Thanks a lot.I'll study IT.

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Why not Java?

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Oziel Perez

Because it probably falls under Kotlin and people just want to promote more Kotlin nowadays

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