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Aurelia Fall 2019 Update

October updates of Aurelia ecosystem, new version and more ...

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Dwayne Charrington

I am really excited for Aurelia 2. I have been using Aurelia 1 since 2015 and I am always excited to start new projects with it. I have applications from 2015 still running in production which have been stable and easy to maintain. And it's crazy to think with Aurelia 2, Aurelia is going to get even better. Oh my.

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Saeed Ganji

I am really excited about how extensible Aurelia 2 is and looking forward to using it. It already has better perf compared to major SPA frameworks out there. I am using Aurelia for almost 4 years, and I always enjoy the fact that how maintainable Aurelia projects could be. other frameworks pale in comparison in this context.