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What tool can you not live without?

bigj1m profile image Jim Plourde ・1 min read

We all have a tool that is almost an extension of ourselves and not using it feels too weird. This thread is a great opportunity to discover new tools to power charge how you do things.

What is yours ?


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I had to install a laptop from scratch a month ago.
I was surprised to find out just how big the list is.

This is my cannot-live-without Brewfile

cask "iterm2"
cask "1password"
cask "evernote"
cask "spectacle"
cask "vagrant"
cask "virtualbox"
cask "slack"
cask "dropbox"
cask "anki"

brew "vim"
brew "jq"
brew "tmux"
brew "fzf"
brew "terraform"
brew "packer"
brew "zsh"
brew "bash"
brew "z"
brew "node"
brew "reattach-to-user-namespace"
brew "ag"
brew "httpie"
brew "mosh"
brew "shellcheck"
brew "git-lfs"
brew "tree"
brew "pstree"
brew "coreutils"
brew "awscli"
brew "aws-shell"

I didn't look at such file of mine, but I'm sure it is also big. Do you version control this file at all ?


Since that time I do.


Btw, It's not like i grabbed my brewfile just to throw a big list. I ran into needing all of those in probably the first day of using the computer.

Yeah, I totally understand the necessity. There is a lot of things I use on an almost daily basis and my flow is broken if I don't have them.


Powershell for any type of enterprise management task.

For web dev type stuff, vscode with gitbash.

Vscode to write powershell scripts.

Bash scripts in vim on the linux side

Except for a hello world type experience, I haven't tried powershell core on linux yet. It looks promising though.


I had the chance to use VsCode for web dev last year. I loved it. I also use it to work on esp32 microcontrollers.

I also can't wait to try powershell core on linux. That Microsoft diving into open source is promising.


I haven't tried vscode with any of the arduino type microcontrollers yet. That sounds very interesting.

It was fun watching my coworkers face when I ran a remote get-process from a raspberry pi to my workstation.

Very different times from the Microsoft I started out with. I have to say it's very refreshing.


Git. It has saved the day so many times


I don't know how I could live without version control before. In fact, I worked for a branch of the gov who does not use any version control.

I even use git for all my uni code assignments so I save valuable time if I hope from a lab computer to my personal machine.


As a web developer, I definitly need the browser console! :)


Yes! Is the google console your favorite ? I'm really surprised how Firefox and Edge upped their console game.


Yes Google Chrome is the best.
But you're right: Firefox did also a good job!


Powershell is my goto for almost anything, running under ConEmu


I didn't know about ConEmu, it seems very great and handy. I'll give it a look.

I wish I knew Powershell more and especially when I was working as an IT tech, would have saved me a lot of time.


I use Powershell for prototyping, especially when the process is composable. I prefer it to any other general purpose scripting tools


Mine is without a doubt vim. I just feel so slow without it. So much that I use vim everywhere I can: Intellij Idea, oh-my-zsh, Firefox, VsCode, Visual Studio, etc.