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13 Reasons Why You Should Choose Python For Big Data Analysis

carolinerichards profile image Caroline Richards Originally published at ・2 min read

Python For Big Data. This term becomes viral inside big data industry. There are several programming languages and big data tools to analyze the raw data with different tactics. But, why python is creating a hype in data analysis? Let us discuss the top 13 reasons why you should choose python for big data analysis

Introduction to Python:

Hope we all know Python - As by its official definition, it is an interpreted and general purpose programming language. Using python we can develop any kind of advanced desktop applications, web applications, websites, mobile apps and many more. Guido Van Rossum was the inventor of python. He has created python to overcome the flaws of ABC- The farmer programming language, developed by CWI(Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica), Netherlands. Python has several specialties like dynamic typing, dynamic binding in order to proceed with Rapid Application Development.

python provides better involvement in big data analytics with advanced benefits, results, time efficiency and ease of access than any other languages like R, Java and more.

Why Choose Python For Big Data?

Choosing python in big data analysis is highly project specific, and meets the project goals on time without big huddles. The most unavoidable risk of big data is industry, "migrating the entire project to another language".

Python brings higher efficiency and provides us an option to easily migrate any big data or data science projects into the desired programming language at any time. Many developers and experts point out that the Python is the most suitable programming language for technology projects like AI, IOT and more.

Python is not only favoring the developers alone, but also favoring businesses in terms of fulfilling the project goals on time. Likewise, we can list out N number of powerful use cases and benefits of python in big data.

Here is the top 13 benefits while using python for big data in detail below.

13 Reasons To Choose Python For Big Data Projects

  1. Open source language
  2. Multiple Library support
  3. Unbelievable speed of processing
  4. Scope in Various Platform
  5. data processing support
  6. Powerful Packages
  7. Lesser codes
  8. Increased Compatibility with Hadoop
  9. Easy to Learn
  10. Flexibility and Scalability
  11. Support from a large community
  12. Data Visualization
  13. Dynamic data processing

Let us discuss each in detail here : Top 13 Reasons Why You Should Choose Python For Big Data

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