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How to store coordinates in MySQL

Many times we capture the geo-location of users and store in the database for different use cases.
I have seen that most of the developers use multiple fields to store the latitude and longitude separately like
Table_name(field1, field2, ..., latitude, longitude).

In this short article we will see an alternative way of storing coordinates in MySQL database using the spatial data types like POINT.

Create a table

  • Let us create a table named locations.
  • Field coordinates of data type POINT.
CREATE TABLE locations (
      coordinates POINT,
      PRIMARY KEY (id)
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Insertion of coordinates

  • To insert/update the field coordinates, we need to prepare a string like this 'POINT(latitude longitude)'.
  • Then we will use the in-built function called ST_GeomFromText to create a geometry in given SRID from WKT specification.
  • Pass the prepared string of points into ST_GeomFromText function.
     locations (coordinates) 
     (ST_GeomFromText('POINT(21.67890 91.54789)');
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Table will store and display the data in the following way

id        coordinates
1         POINT(21.67890 91.54789)
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