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Twin Book Launch

We as parents strongly believed that its our responsibility to to Teach the children to read, write and speak, they will figure out what they want in life.
Book Launch BG

With the knowledge I gained in blogging, I mentored them in creative writing and guess what? They are budding authors!
Our elder son, Sharvesh is now the author of 2 poetry books, Treasured Droplets and 5C's of Mother India.
Sharveshโ€™s 2nd book went on to be acknowledged by the India Book of Records. Fascinated and inspired by his elder brother's journey, our younger son, Yoogesh made his debut recently with his first book - The Magic of Mythology. Our publisher 16Leaves fortunately was equally aligned with shaping young minds.

Book Launch Video
The 5Cs of Mother India and The Magic of Mythology Book Launch Video

Order can be placed here

Books are available on Flipkart and Amazon as well. Please share a review on the platform so that kids will get motivated.

Also checked our Sharvesh's first book, Treasured Droplets

Poetry Contest

To inspire and motivate more children into the creating writing space, we have organized a poetry contest in association
Poetry Contest

Here is our proud winners and shield with book copies

  • First Place -> RV Vinayak Dharshan
  • Second Place -> B Mahasvin
  • Third Place -> AR Harikarthikeyan
  • Consolation -> K Reshwin
  • Consolation -> Vaishnavi VS
  • Consolation -> Drucilla Grace A

Prize Ready

For engaging the audience, Sharvesh and Yoogesh have organized quiz on Indian History and Global Mythology. Great participation from attendees of all age group.


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this book is really amazing i have read it many times . keep sharing more books like this . vashikaran mantra to control husband